Erasmus Students


Aims, Skills and Learning Outcomes

This course have as unique subject the study of human body in its visual and morphological complexity, having the drawing as the tool for its study,
in its various strategies.
Its goal is not to produce “autonomous” and author’s drawings whose pretext is the human figure, but, rather, to develop the drawing skills as a tool to understand, organize and communicate knowledge.
The course intends to systematize and to develop skills in the study of the body and its various representations, to develop the capabilities of the drawing as well as developing knowledge of the concepts involved such as representation, image, figure, body and model.


The body as subject. The study of the human body.
the study of proportion. Systems and canons.
The structure and volume of the human body. General and particular study.
The applied anatomy: osteology and miology. The drawing of anatomy.

Teaching methods

The 126 Semester Hours of Work (HTS) are organized as follows:
68 Contact hours (HCS) distributed by:
Theoretical presentation and explanation of the contents.
Theoretical and practical classes of:
Implementation, development and operation of the exercises / content.
Analysis, critique and evaluation of results.
The others 58 working hours (HTS) are used in the development and deepening of the practice, from the statements specific to and exploitation of content.

Assessment Type

Distribution assessment without final exam


Evaluation is continuous and constant throughout the course and respects its planned schedule.
It is considered to obtain the evaluation to participate at least 75% of classes.

Calculation of final grade

Compliance with the work plan of discipline and attendance.


To accept the frequency, the student must have two years of drawing practice and must commit to:

– Attending classes (minimum 75%) signing every class the attendance sheet.

– Respect the full schedule of the classes.

– Respect and respond to the statements of the exercises (objectives and determinations of techniques and media).

– Develop additional work (TC) for each lesson, in accordance with the Planning and supplied according to the need felt by the degree of development.

In the case of faillure one of these tasks, the final evaluation will be negative.

The teaching language is Portuguese. The student should ask the colleagues about the purpose of exercise and tasks.

FBAUP, ______ /_____ /________

I accepted


Termo de aceitação da frequência


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